Our Service Was Made Lighter by Our Laughter

    The mission of Off Center Thrift and Gift is to offer services to the people of the greater Central Valley area, regardless of race, religion, or gender. The Thrift & Gift work encourages the growth of its volunteers and the people they serve; encourages fellowship while serving; and provides an opportunity for others to serve those in need.


About Us:

Off Center Thrift & Gift is an incarnation of an older institution. The Emanuel Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop was begun in 1964 by a group of women eager to volunteer their talents to raise money to support the local hospital. When the Emanuel Thrift Shop was closed by the hospital in 2005, some of the remaining volunteers, along with many of their friends and relatives, recognized the opportunity to reopen with a different name and in a different location. Although the mission of service remained the same, the focus of the benevolence changed from benefiting one hospital to benefiting many local and regional non-profit organizations. Off Center Thrift & Gift opened in December 2006 with an all-volunteer staff.